Who is AMAG (continued)

AMAG's communication style is always practical and often humorous. Their ​uniquely personal advice has helped thousands of people become more self-aware. AMAG's gentle messages and useful recommendations can restore peace of mind, thus making it easier to find solutions to everyday problems. Mindfulness and compassion speed the process of planetary maturation and galactic transfiguration.

AMAG's recommendations are empowering. From their unique perspectives, they offer practical suggestions for ways to maintain poise, even in the face of life's most difficult challenges. It's easy to speak to AMAG about whatever is in your heart or on your mind. People say they have an instant feeling of recognition when meeting AMAG and find that even small adjustments in viewpoint result in big life changes. 

Who is Dayana (continued)

In addition to clairsentient and clairvoyant capabilities, I frequently use numerology and various forms of dowsing, as well as oracle or divination cards, to obtain rapid clarification in some situations.  

An ordained Senior and Founding Minister of Holistic Healing, through Awakenings Institute, I am happy to provide pastoral counseling and officiate at ceremonies. I enjoy sharing the benefits of laughter as a Certified Teacher of Laughter Yoga™️. I can personally attest to the wonders of energy healing as applied to myself and others as a Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics™️. I am also a student of the Usui System of Reiki Healing. The list of mentors and teachers that I hold in high regard is too long to mention here.

Citing the members of AMAG as my primary teachers and guides for most of my life, I enjoy introducing their wisdom, whenever invited to do so, and to share their unique perspectives everywhere we go. 

I've always enjoyed traveling and have been pleased to introduce AMAG to people in almost every state in the country, as well as parts of Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Peru and Switzerland. A visit to The Netherlands and Australia are still on my wish list.

I currently live in New Mexico with my husband and our Tuxedo cat, Oreo.

"Thank you for for sharing your wisdom and the insights from AMAG this year. It’s been miraculous to see, as I’ve shifted my energy, how my life has transformed in beautiful and wonderful ways…and by extension the energy that I now share with everyone."  ~ Roísín F.

Who is dayanAMAG? (continued)

Always a highly sensitive child, my skills as a clairvoyant were not recognized until I was in my early 20s. By then, I was seeking a way to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Learning how to meditate allowed me to discover the benefits of remaining neutral, between worlds. This practice metamorphosed into my work as a trance medium, guided and directed by members of AMAG until I was ready to begin facilitating communication with them in public.

  • A process called merging is the method AMAG and I use in order to have open, clear communication and physical interaction between AMAG and anyone who wishes to speak with them.  
  • Indirectly guided by them while not in a deep, full-body trance, I am able to share AMAG's cosmic perspectives in seminars and workshops.
  • Merged together, as dayanAMAG, we offer useful advice to individuals, families, businesses, and groups -- anyone interested in assisting in the Awakening of Humanity.