The Harmonizer Pendant in Sterling Silver


The unique design of the Harmonizer Pendant incorporates the letters A M A G, representing an intergalactic collective of self-realized beings: masters and mentors who are actively assisting in the Awakening of Humanity on Earth.

The design creates a torsion field that emanates harmonizing qualities that can increase confidence and provide stability to the wearer by attuning that person to their highest and best frequency.

Sterling silver Harmonizer Pendants are made in the USA, hand-finished with extraordinary care by skilled silversmiths, and imbued by AMAG with custom blessings for the wearer. 

May you wear it in joy!

How to Measure & Where to Wear Your Harmonizer Pendant

For best results, the Harmonizer Pendant should be worn over the thymus gland. Here's one way to locate the area of the thymus gland and determine the length of cord or chain you will need to position your Harmonizer Pendant in the most beneficial place.

The harmonizing qualities generated by the torsion field are similar to the giant Redwood and mighty Walnut trees that are reminders of the nobility of physical creation. This field helps increase confidence and provide stability by attuning you to your highest and best frequencies.

1. Gently rest your thumb on the suprasternal notch  (fossa jugularis sternalis), also known as the jugular notch. It is the visible dip where the clavicles join the sternum.

2. With thumb in place, use your softly curled fingers to note the point where the knuckle of your middle finger rests.

3. Use a soft measuring tape to determine the length of chain you need to place the pendant directly over the thymus.