Measuring Tips

Incorporating the letters A M A G, the name of the intergalactic, multidimensional collective of self--realized beings, this unique design generates a torsion field that extends far beyond the body of the wearer. This field radiates in all directions and can positively influence all the life forms that come within range of this energy field.

  • The Harmonizer Pendant is designed to be worn in the area of the thymus gland, also considered the High Heart chakra. 
  • The High Heart/Thymus chakras are associated with speaking and living truthfully, and doing so with enthusiasm.
  • The Thymus gland releases hormones that suppress the aging process and also produces T-cells that protect the body from infections. 

The torsion field generated by this unique design self-confidence and assists the wearer to stand tall in the center of their lives, representing themselves truthfully.

Here is a simple 3-step way to locate the proper positioning of your Harmonizer Pendant. Pendants are 1" x 1" x 1". Average length = 18 inches.

1.  Gently rest thumb on the indentation called the suprasternal notch, as shown here.

2.  With thumb in place, use your softly curled fingers to note the point where the knuckle of your middle finger rests.

3.  Use a soft measuring tape or string to determine the length of chain you need to place the pendant over the thymus.

Photos courtesy of JayaVision Photograpy